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Latest Impact Factor figures from Elsevier's Economics and Finance Journals

We are pleased to bring you the latest Impact Factor figures from Elsevier's Economics and Finance journals.

Congratulations to Emerging Markets Review, The North American Journal of Economics and Finance, Pacific-Basin Finance Journal for receiving their first Impact Factors!

Other highlights include:

journal cover imageEuropean Economic Review
2010 Impact Factor
2011 Impact Factor
impact factor bar-chart
journal cover imageJournal of Development Economics
2010 Impact Factor
2011 Impact Factor
impact factor bar-chart
journal cover imageJournal of Financial Intermediation
2010 Impact Factor
2011 Impact Factor
impact factor bar-chart
Listed by highest Impact Factor
Journal title2011 Impact Factor
Journal of Financial Economics3.725
Journal of Accounting and Economics3.281
Economics and Human Biology2.722
Social Science & Medicine2.699
Journal of Banking and Finance2.600
Energy Economics2.344
Journal of Health Economics2.341
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management2.169
Resources Policy2.143
Food Policy2.054
Journal of Monetary Economics1.892
Journal of Urban Economics1.892
International Journal of Production Economics1.760
Journal of International Economics1.732
World Development1.537
Journal of Public Economics1.459
Journal of Corporate Finance1.447
European Journal of Political Economy 1.437
Review of Economic Dynamics1.358
Journal of Econometrics1.349
Resource and Energy Economics1.241
Journal of Economic Theory1.235
Journal of Financial Markets1.115
Journal of Economic Psychology1.069
Economics of Education Review1.069
Emerging Markets Review1.067
Journal of Comparative Economics1.028
Journal of International Money and Finance1.018
Regional Science and Urban Economics1.008
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization1.006
Information Economics and Policy0.947
China Economic Review0.941
Explorations in Economic History0.935
Labour Economics0.919
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control0.855
Journal of Empirical Finance 0.842
International Journal of Industrial Organization0.841
Games and Economic Behavior0.829
North American Journal of Economics and Finance0.757
Economic Modelling0.701
Journal of Policy Modeling0.643
Journal of Housing Economics0.556
Pacific-Basin Finance Journal0.552
Journal of Macroeconomics0.496
Economics Letters0.447
International Review of Law & Economics0.440
Journal of The Japanese and International Economies0.404
The Social Science Journal0.358
Japan & The World Economy0.339

Calculating Impact Factors

The journal impact factor is a measure of the frequency with which the average article in a journal has been cited in a particular year. The impact factor helps you evaluate a journal's relative importance, especially when you compare it to others in the same field. The impact factor is calculated by dividing the number of citations in the current year to items published in the two previous years by the total number of items published in the two previous years.

Using Journal X as an example:
Cites in 2011 to items published in: 2010
= 258
= 199
= 457
Number of items published in: 2010
= 116
= 71
= 187
Calculation: Cites to recent items 457 = 2.444
Number of recent items 187

The 2011 Impact Factor for Journal X is 2.444

Journal Performance Measurements

Journal performance measurements offer a systematic, objective means to critically evaluate journals, and several indicators are available.

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