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These are the top downloaded open access articles on Science Direct published since January 2014 in Mathematics journals.

Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory
Insight Maker: A general-purpose tool for web-based modeling&simulation
Fortmann-Roe, S.
Applied Mathematics and Computation
Diffusion process modeling by using fractional-order models
Sierociuk, D.; Skovranek, T.; Macias, M.; Podlubny, I.; Petras, I.; Dzielinski, A.; Ziubinski, P.
Applied Mathematical Modelling
Multidimensional turbulence spectra - Statistical analysis of turbulent vortices
Ghasempour, F.; Andersson, R.; Andersson, B.
Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications
Nonlinear stability of flock solutions in second-order swarming models
Carrillo, J.A.; Huang, Y.; Martin, S.
Advances in Mathematics
Fourier-Mukai transform in the quantized setting
Petit, F.
Applied Mathematics Letters
A study in nucleated polymerization models of protein aggregation
Davis, J.K.; Sindi, S.S.
Finite Fields and Their Applications
Perfect nonlinear functions and cryptography
Blondeau, C.; Nyberg, K.
Mathematics and Computers in Simulation
A meshless method for an inverse two-phase one-dimensional nonlinear Stefan problem
Johansson, B.T.; Lesnic, D.; Reeve, T.
Linear Algebra and Its Applications
On sets of eigenvalues of matrices with prescribed row sums and prescribed graph
Engel, G.M.; Schneider, H.; Sergeev, S.
Computers and Mathematics with Applications
Axioms of adaptivity
Carstensen, C.; Feischl, M.; Page, M.; Praetorius, D.
Nonlinear Analysis
Traveling surface waves of moderate amplitude in shallow water
Gasull, A.; Geyer, A.
Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications
Inequalities for modified Bessel functions and their integrals
Gaunt, R.E.
Journal of Algebra
Superpotentials, Calabi-Yau algebras, and PBW deformations
Karmazyn, J.
Journal of Number Theory
Integral-valued polynomials over sets of algebraic integers of bounded degree
Peruginelli, G.
Discrete Mathematics
On a representation of the Verhulst logistic map
Rudolph-Lilith, M.; Muller, L.E.
Journal of Functional Analysis
On the Schatten-von Neumann properties of some pseudo-differential operators
Sobolev, A.V.
Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis
Hamiltonian deformations of Gabor frames: First steps
de Gosson, M.A.
Discrete Applied Mathematics
Generalizations of Bounds on the Index of Convergence to Weighted Digraphs
Merlet, G.; Nowak, T.; Schneider, H.; Sergeev, S.
Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra
Gorenstein homology, relative pure homology and virtually Gorenstein rings
Zareh-Khoshchehreh, F.; Asgharzadeh, M.; Divaani-Aazar, K.
Applied Numerical Mathematics
Projected finite elements for reaction-diffusion systems on stationary closed surfaces
Tuncer, N.; Madzvamuse, A.; Meir, A.J.
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics
An almost symmetric Strang splitting scheme for the construction of high order composition methods
Einkemmer, L.; Ostermann, A.
Journal of Differential Equations
Wave equation for sums of squares on compact Lie groups
Garetto, C.; Ruzhansky, M.
Journal of the Franklin Institute
Adaptive mesh refinement method for optimal control using nonsmoothness detection and mesh size reduction
Liu, F.; Hager, W.W.; Rao, A.V.
European Journal of Combinatorics
Variances and covariances in the Central Limit Theorem for the output of a transducer
Clemens Heuberger, Sara Kropf, Stephan Wagner
Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series B
Infinite primitive and distance transitive directed graphs of finite out-valency
Amato, D.; Evans, D.M.
Indagationes Mathematicae
Moments of zeta and correlations of divisor-sums: III
Brian Conrey, Jonathan P. Keating
Journal of Applied Logic
Using inductive reasoning for completing OCF-networks
Christian Eichhorn, Gabriele Kern-Isberner
Topology and its Applications
Strong Chang's Conjecture and the tree property at @w"2
Torres-Perez, V.; Wu, L.
Annales de l'Institut Henri Poincaré / Analyse non linéaire
KAM for autonomous quasi-linear perturbations of KdV
Baldi, P.; Berti, M.; Montalto, R.