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Discover the top downloaded open access articles in Decision Sciences

These are the top downloaded open access articles on Science Direct published since January 2014 in Decision Sciences journals.

International Journal of Forecasting
Electricity price forecasting: A review of the state-of-the-art with a look into the future
Weron, R.
European Journal of Operational Research
Reverse logistics and closed-loop supply chain: A comprehensive review to explore the future
Govindan, K.; Soleimani, H.; Kannan, D.
International Journal of Production Economics
ICT in multimodal transport and technological trends: Unleashing potential for the future
Harris, I.; Wang, Y.; Wang, H.
Decision Support Systems
Finding disseminators via electronic word of mouth message for effective marketing communications
Bao, T.; Chang, T.l.S.
Operations Research Perspectives
Pricing decision model for new and remanufactured short-life cycle products with time-dependent demand
J.L. Vile, J.W. Gillard, P.R. Harper, V.A. Knight
Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management
Partnering in engineering projects: Four dimensions of supply chain integration
Eriksson, P.E.
Computers & Operations Research
Water wave optimization: A new nature-inspired metaheuristic
Zheng, Y.J.
Operations Research Letters
Dynamic portfolio selection with market impact costs
Lim, A.E.B.; Wimonkittiwat, P.
Towards a consolidation of worldwide journal rankings - A classification using random forests and aggregate rating via data envelopment analysis
Tuselmann, H.; Sinkovics, R.R.; Pishchulov, G.
Journal of Operations Management
Chain liability in multitier supply chains? Responsibility attributions for unsustainable supplier behavior
Hartmann, J.; Moeller, S.
Computers & Industrial Engineering
Preventive maintenance scheduling of multi-component systems with interval costs
Gustavsson, E.; Patriksson, M.; Stromberg, A.B.; Wojciechowski, A.; Onnheim, M.
Operations Research for Health Care
Scheduling patient appointments via multilevel template: A case study in chemotherapy
Condotta, A.; Shakhlevich, N.V.